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Hello, dear mountaineer friend! We are like the vast majority of our site users, are mountaineers. First time we were questioning "how to keep climbers’ peak ascents in the digital environment" on our way back from Mount Erciyes (Turkey, Kayseri), a summit activity at 2013. We have launched the summit-books, the ones who make the highest summits, have the right to registry their names on the internet. In the first stage, we started our activities in a closed group with the contributions of our mountaineer friends and short time later, we’ve expanded other mountaineers and developed our project at a global level at the end. Our site, which is actively used among mountaineering athletes, is growing with the new summit registries at every each day and it becomes an important database for mountaineering sport. Especially in recent years, we have evaluated the demands of our users and turned our system into a social media platform where mountaineers can communicate with each other and interact through all kinds of delivered posts in the system. Our aim is to create both a large archive and an active portal for the mountaineering sport and to provide resources for our mountaineering friends and to proffessionals who engaged in this sport. We will continue our efforts and will develope our system even further more with new improvements, of course with your ideas and support. We wish you sunny days,. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our CONTACT department for all your opinions and suggestions.
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