Why advertise in Summit Books?

We are a mountaineering portal operating for mountaineering and nature sports with thousands of active mountaineers and thousands of summit records.

When looking at the membership profiles of the Summit Books, it is composed mostly of mountaineers or sportsmen who are engaged in mountaineering sports and the details, reports and photographs about the summits they made after these mountain climbing activities are shared through our system. For this reason, if you are selling products or services for mountaineering and nature sports, we think that advertising will be an important opportunity for you.


There are two separate pricing for the ads you give, both per impression and per click. After you pay for the amount you set for your advertising campaign your ad is published in the date range you set and the amount calculated according to the transaction is deducted from your account.

In our system, the amount received per click and the amount received for every 10 impressions are considered equivalent. Your ads, according to this calculation method, during the campaign period, it is published until the payment is over.

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