Registration Procedures
How can I publish my 2nd Hand Products?
By publishing your mountaineering materials that you do not use in our system through our 2nd Hand Product Add screens, you can provide additional added value and ensure that other mountaineers in need can supply materials at a more affordable price.
Since the detailed information about the 2nd Hand product you will add to our system is important for the climbers who want to buy that product, the more details you can specify, the more it will benefit you.
2nd Hand photo add
After entering the 2nd Hand Product information into the system, you can upload the photo of that product through our 2nd Hand Product Photo Add screen.

The photo upload format of the 2nd Hand Product in our system is square. For this reason, since the photographs taken vertically will not reflect the product exactly, horizontal photographs will be advantageous for both layout and loading.
If you do not appear in the photo selection box you want to add or you receive an error message after adding, we recommend that you operate with a different and up-to-date device.
Categories where you can sell 2nd Hand products
You can sell Second Hand Products in a total of 8 categories in our system. These;
  • Shoes and Boots
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Backpacks
  • Tent and Sleeping Bags
  • Camping Materials
  • Technical Materials
  • Electronic Products
  • Other Products
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