How can I add my photos?
In order to transfer your photos to our system, you need to login to our photo recording screen by clicking the 'Add Image' button. You can save the photo you want to upload to our system by scaling it with the help of visual selection box.
In our system, the photo recording format is square. For this reason, you need to choose your vertical or horizontal rectangular photographs appropriately via the visual selection box. Also, since the visual selection box has the ability to rotate the photos, it has the feature to allow you to save your photos by placing them in the appropriate position.
Warning :
In our system, only the photos about mountaineering and nature sports are allowed to be published. For this reason, photographs not related to mountaineering and nature sports are not approved.
About photo
After transferring your photo to our system, you can save the information about the photo or the notes you want to share as a description.