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How can I add my blog posts?
You can share all your news, technical knowledge, experience and articles that you thought to contain important information under 11 categories for mountaineering sport.
It is important for both us and our users that all the articles you add to our system are as detailed as possible. For this reason, the articles that we think are short and will not provide any benefit are not approved.
Warning :
The responsibility of all the articles you post will belong to our user who recorded the article. Therefore, we strongly remind you to be careful about transferring copyrighted articles to our system.
Blog photo add
Blog post photo you can upload through our Blog Photo Registration screen.

The photo you will upload for your post should give our users an idea about the content of your post. We strongly remind you to be selective about photo selection, as photos incompatible with the content will decrease the readability of your article.
If you do not appear in the photo selection box you want to add or you receive an error message after adding, we recommend that you operate with a different and up-to-date device.
Titles you can create a blog post
You can create blog posts under 11 categories in total. These;
  • Scientific Researches
  • Mountaineering
  • Mountaineering News
  • Mountaineering Experiences
  • Mountaineering and Summit Memories
  • General Subjects
  • I Visited I See
  • Articles
  • Mountaineering
  • Materials and Equipments
  • Promotion
  • Technical Information
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