2nd Hand Products
How can I buy the second hand product I like?
If you are interested in any of the products in our system, you can contact our product owner member in two different ways. The first one is in the form of information request that you will request from the comments section of the product. The second and more secure one is to establish a connection through the system by sending a connection request to the member. After connecting, you can get much more information about the product using our messaging feature.
Warning :
The Second Hand Product sales module in our system has been created for the evaluation of the mountaineering materials, that our members do not use and all published advertisements are under the responsibility of the members.

Summitbook Mountaineering Portal is not responsible for any disputes that may arise between the buyer and seller, since it does not generate any income from the 2nd Hand Product purchase and sale transactions and does not provide any guarantor service. For this reason, we strongly recommend not to make monetary transactions without the necessary trust environment.

We only want to remind you that if a member's profile is active and especially if there are summit records, it will be easier to obtain information about him.
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