Summit Books
How can I record the summits I have made?
After clicking the 'Summit Add' button, you can create your summit registration by filling out the form on the summit registration screen.
Since both the country where the mountain is located and the mountain selection boxes at the summit also have a search feature, a considerable convenience has been provided in the selection process.
Warning :
The picture you will be uploading should be a photo taken from the summit and you are in it. Therefore;
  • Photos not taken at the summit,
  • Photos that you are not there in,
  • Photos that could not fit in the selection box and your head was cut,
  • Photos taken in the campground,
  • Mountain pictures,
  • Summit book pictures,
  • Document pictures taken after the activity

the records containing are not approved due to our operation.

Summit photo record
After your summit registration is created, our screen where you will upload your summit photo will open. You can complete your registration by adding your summit photo here and send it to the system confirmation.
If you do not appear in the photo selection box you want to add or you receive an error message after adding, we recommend that you operate with a different and up-to-date device.
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