Summit Books
How can I update the summits I have recorded?
After clicking the 'Summits' link on your profile page, all your summits you have saved will be displayed.
After selecting your summit you want to update, the details of your record will be displayed on the screen.
Detail screen of your summit record
On the screen showing your summit details, you will be directed to the summit update screen after clicking the 'Update' button.
Summit record update screen
On the summit record editing screen, you can both edit the details of your summit and change your summit photo.
If you organize your summit registration, your registration will be approved again and will be published again if deemed appropriate.
Warning :
The picture you will be uploading should be a photo taken from the summit and you are in it. Therefore;
  • Photos not taken at the summit,
  • Photos that you are not there in,
  • Photos that could not fit in the selection box and your head was cut,
  • Photos taken in the campground,
  • Mountain pictures,
  • Summit book pictures,
  • Document pictures taken after the activity

the records containing are not approved due to our operation.

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